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Dental Crowns

Duration       30-60min

Anaethetic    Yes

Treatments    2

Dental Crowns

Crowns are one of the methods by which teeth can be rebuilt. If you have a tooth with extensive damage or decay, and a filling would not be appropriate, your dentist may recommend a crown. 

Crowns can be metal, metal covered with porcelain or entirely porcelain. The material chosen depends on where in your mouth the crown is needed; for example crowns that are completely metal are normally only suitable for back teeth.


Porcelain (or ‘white’) crowns are carefully colour-matched to ensure they are very similar in appearance to your own teeth. By the end of treatment your crown will blend in with your existing teeth. Whilst a very technically precise procedure, it is quite straightforward.

Through following the aftercare advice from your dentist, your crown should last for many years.


What's the process?

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