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Welcome to 

Desborough Dental

Desborough Dental is a modern and friendly practice located at the heart of Desborough making it easily accessible for everyone. Our practice is constantly progressing with our aim to incorporate the latest methods and technology into both our NHS and private dentistry.


We aim to deliver the highest quality dental treatment and for every patient to leave feeling happy with their care and treatment they have received.   



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Facial Aesthetics

General Treatments

With us you can smile with confidence

Our dental team provide comprehensive preventative care together with a wide range of dental treatments. Your oral health is of paramount importance to us and we strive to ensure all our patients know exactly how best to look after their teeth and gums.

Giving You Something To Smile About



We aim to provide preventative dentistry to help you avoid extensive dental treatments. The NHS tells us how we must charge you for NHS dental services and the amount you pay depends on the treatments you need.

Private Care

We appreciate that everyone is different and some people prefer the wide range of treatment options and convenience of private care. Our private care ensures you are seen by the dentist you choose at a time to suit you.

What People Say

"Dentist really nice, nurse helpful & even better treatment!" 

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